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Each of our classes brings something special. Whether it’s cardio, strength training, flexibility or mindfullness you need today, we have you covered.



We love to Flow; We love to practice to music, because music makes EVERYTHING better! Our playlist is varied, from Coffee House to Hip Hop to Kirtan and everything in between. Try our V-Flow class and lose yourself in the Joy of breath and movement.


We love to hang; Our V-Fly classes offer an incredible Aerial experience. With a variety of classes from Beginners to High Flyers experience the joy and benefits of being upside down.

Your spine will get a great release and you’ll feel longer and stronger and it is so much FUN!



We love to build a strong Core; Our V-Mat Pilates focuses on building core strength.

With a variety of classes incorporating Circles, Balls, Weights, Bands and Sliders we give you a total body BURN!



We love to chill out; and what better way to unwind then through a beautiful V-Yin practice. Let us help you find some space in your body and de-stress the mind.

Our Yin classes provide a gentle way to let go and refuel. Some of our longer Yin classes offer Nidra and guided Meditation to create a Blissful experience.

Try an evening Yin class and go home to the best sleep ever!



We love to get strong; our signature V-Flex class incorporates dumbells and TRX suspension training to deliver a sweaty endorphin high which sculpts the body and gets your heart racing.

In this exciting class we incorporate Yoga and Pilates to keep our muscles long and supple.

V-Barre Class


We love a good booty burn; Our V-Barre classes will give you a fun, sweaty workout with classes focusing on lengthening and strengthening your muscles, cardio blasts and awesome beats to keep you moving.

We incorporate, circles, bands, dumbells, sliders and even our TRX to give you a unique, fun and functional workout!

Leap into 2021!

Get your first week FREE on any new membership and if you refer a friend that joins get an additional FREE week!