Corporate & Individual Wellness Packages
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Corporate Wellness

Coporate & Individual Health and Wellness

All our programs are 12 weeks long and include:

  • 1 hour initial consultation focusing on reducing stress and developing a healthy lifestyle through nutrition, movement and mindfulness
  • Goal plan
  • Weekly classes
  • Monthly check-ins

Our weekly classes form a critical part of our health and wellness program.

To best ensure your success, we have different classes scheduled every day – morning and evening –  so that  you can easily find the sessions that best suit your schedule.

Contact us today so that we can get you started on the path towards a better home and work life balance and start THRIVING instead of merely surviving!

Research has shown that workplace wellness programs bring physical, mental and emotional benefits to employees as well as financial benefits to companies.

They boost productivity, reduce stress, and increase employee engagement and communication.

We’re here to help you get fitter, healthier and happier in the place you spend the most time, at work!


Are you feeling sluggish? Wish you were healthier and had more energy at work and at home?

This light program is the perfect start to individual and work improvement. Learn to enhance your spirit and mind whilst engaging in a consistent movement program.

With just 2 classes a week, we can help you alleviate stress,  get you moving, meditating and enjoying both work and life like never before!


This program will focus on preparing you to take on new challenges with ease. With a focus on building stamina, learning to control stress levels and creating greater energy stores, this package is perfect for someone in a high stress work environment, or experiencing higher levels of stress due to lifestyle changes, ie new relationships, children, moving or experiencing other major life changes.


This program is ideal for the executive or individual that wants to manage a demanding position and be able to kick up a gear and succeed in a stressful environment. If you are feeling burnt out, and understand the importance of finding true balance in your life by building physical and mental strength and resilience then this is for YOU. Time to THRIVE.

With the option to chose any 5 classes a week, this package will help you increase your physical and mental wellbeing, maintain your energy levels and improve your ability to be mindful and present in your life.