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About VF3 North Bondi

We are here to support you…

Corporate Health and Wellness Packages

VF3 is committed to helping your organisation reach peak performance and productivity. We assess your existing company/corporate culture and offer real solutions to enhance your employees work/life balance, thereby creating a more productive and ultimately successful environment.


Life Coaching, Health/Wellness Coaching, Relationship Coaching

We are here to LISTEN, ASSESS and HELP you develop a practical strategy to successful living. Perhaps you are feeling stuck, unsure of the direction you need to go. Perhaps you have been so busy in your professional life, caring for family, living up to other people’s expectations, that you have lost a sense of yourself. We are here to help you! We will help you uncover your goals, get back to your optimum health and wellness and support you as you grow.


Nutrition and Movement

We believe that good nutrition and movement is essential to managing your stress and living your best life. Our qualified, experienced coaches have multi-disciplinary qualifications, including Life/Health/Wellness Coaching, Naturopathy, Yoga, Pilates, Barre, Aerial Yoga, among many more! VF3 is here to offer you 1 on 1 or small group coaching to help you reach your goals faster! A healthy body leads to a healthy and happy mind.

Please email: to schedule a Discovery session for Life/Health Coaching or for a time to discuss how we can help your organisation’s most important asset, its people THRIVE!

You are not a number to us – our heart is HUGE and we look forward to welcoming you into our VF3 Family!